Sex Slavery in the ‘Burbs

WEEP Media Release

Sex Slaves in the ‘Burbs

The Advertiser report on 29 July on a police blitz on brothels across Australia, exposes the truth that decriminalising prostitution leads to increased demand for sexual services. This increases sex trafficking into Australia from countries like China, Thailand, Korea and now Japan.

Lack of control of the industry exposes women to increased exploitation with women being found in “appalling conditions”. The President of Women Ending Exploitation by Prostitution (WEEP), Amanda Brohier, said, “We must urgently legislate to protect women and criminalise brothel owning, pimping and the purchase of sexual services, while at the same time decriminalising abused and vulnerable women who are used by unscrupulous profiteers and abusive men”.

She also said, “The Advertiser report also shows the need for proper exit strategies and services for women trapped in this industry. This is an integral part of the Equality model which also advocates for education of the community that women’s bodies are not for sale.

WEEP said that the news shows that the Queensland government is on exactly the wrong path in planning to decriminalise prostitution. This will only increase the trafficking and abuse of women as identified by the recent report. WEEP also call on the South Australian parliament which took a stand in 2019 to reject decriminalisation to act now to enact the Equality Model.